Looking for Service?

We specialize in vintage electronics like receivers, amps, preamps, tuners, turntables, cd players, reel to reels, cassette decks and speakers. We no longer perform reapirs under warranty.

Additionally,  we do not repair TVs.

We are more than happy to talk to you about your electronic repair needs, just give us a call. Anyone who knows founder Donald Barr, knows that he works tirelessly to keep up with the work. However, his services are in high demand and repair times vary due to many factors. Some parts are hard to come by and may take time, but we will do our best to find the parts you need.

Often the exact issue that plagues your electronics is unknown until diagnostic work has been completed, so the precise cost of repairs is not always possible to know upfront. However, we will work with you to ensure no work is done that you don’t want to pay for. Know that we have run an honest business for decades with many, many satisfied customers. If you are looking for service, look no further.

If you have a question about your electronic unit, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.